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Newborn and baby photography is a unique art form that comes with its own set of challenges. From achieving perfect angles and mastering newborn posing to wrapping techniques and editing workflows, there's a lot to learn and master.
Don't let these challenges hold you back. Our focused, individualized coaching sessions are designed specifically to help you overcome these obstacles, build your skills, and gain confidence. With us, you can unlock your full potential and thrive in the world of baby photography.




1. Targeted Learning: 1:1 coaching is completely customized to your needs, so each day will look different for each individual

2. Comprehensive Coverage: From newborn safety measures to newborn wrapping techniques, we cover all aspects necessary for perfect baby photos. A carefully crafted workflow for posing and editing reduces your time spent from several hours to just couple.

3. Confidence Building : Our coaching aids in increasing your confidence in newborn photography, making the process easier and more profitable. 

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1. Baby Safety: Understand the importance of ensuring the baby’s safety during shoots.

2. Shoot Preparation: Learn how to effectively prepare for each shoot.

3. Wrapping Techniques (for newborns): Master the art of newborn wrapping plus transition .

4. Camera Techniques: Enhance your shooting skills with different angles and techniques.

5. Maximum Variety: Learn how to achieve maximum variety from a single setup.

6. Workflow: Improve your session workflow to be more efficient and time saving.

7. Editing Workflow: Refine your editing process to cut endless editing time.

8. Parent Posing: Learn how to pose parents for their photoshoot and get more variety.

9. Confidence Building: Identify your weakness, build the skill to become more confident in your business

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Our 1:1 coaching sessions are specifically designed cater to individual needs whether you need improvement for newborn OR baby session. One full day coaching covers all aspects necessary for perfect photos session from safety, posing, styling and editing techniques.
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Our 1:1 baby plus newborn coaching includes 2 days intense coaching to devolve all the skill you need to strengthen your newborn and baby photography. The workshop will run over 2 days from 10:00am to 6:00pm with a mutually agreed time.
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Take all the guesswork out and use these templates for your photography business. Includes 10 PDF files plus 7 PSD templates which helps your business to run smoothly and effectively. These templates is everything you need to save your time and elevate your business.


– Coaching will be held in our professional studio located at 86th Avenue Surrey 

– An in-person meeting before the coaching date to discuss the goals you need to achieve from the session.

– 1:1 newborn coaching : We will have 2 newborn models in the studio. First half day covering beanbag poses and flokati poses. Second half covering wrapping techniques, prop posing, parents posing and editing techniques.

– 1:1 baby milestone coaching : We will have three models – 3 months, 6 months and 12 months in the studio. Covered in 1 full day teaching includes basic lighting, baby posing, props, flokati posing and editing techniques. 

– 1:1 baby plus newborn coaching will run over 2 days covering 2 newborn on one day and 3 milestone sessions (3,6,12 months babies) on the second day 

– Lunch, snacks and refreshment will be provided in all coaching session. 

– $500 Deposit is required to book your coaching. Remaining payment is due  2 weeks before the coaching date.


The coaching is open to all skill level in photography with basic manual camera, photoshop knowledge.

Must bring DSLR camera with lens (35mm or 50mm or 24-70mm)

*Camera & shooting basics will not be covered. Attendees must be confident how to use camera in manual mode and must have basic knowledge of Photoshop*

*Workshop is not open to photographers who are currently teaching or mentoring*