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Welcoming a new addition to the family is an event worth cherishing, and capturing those endearing, fleeting moments in your newborn’s life is important. This is why choosing the perfect location plays an essential role in creating beautiful and meaningful photographs, and we are here to share Burnaby’s top five family-friendly parks to consider for your newborn photography session.

Burnaby, a thriving and vibrant city, is home to a vast selection of beautiful parks teeming with lush greenery and picturesque locales, making it an ideal place for capturing enchanting outdoor images of your little ones. In this article, we will guide you through these stunning locations and discuss the unique features and characteristics that make them the best choices for a memorable outdoor photography experience.

Our selection criteria for these parks include easy accessibility, scenic surroundings, safety, and privacy. We understand that having a newborn involves challenges, such as limited mobility and the need for a quiet, comfortable space. Therefore, we have carefully handpicked these parks with the specific needs of new parents and their tiny bundles of joy in mind.

Join us as we take a closer look at the top parks for newborn photography sessions, whether you’re looking for a peaceful, intimate space, a vivacious and colorful backdrop, or a nature-infused setting to capture your precious moments. 

Burnaby’s Top 5 Parks for Newborn Photography Sessions

1. Deer Lake Park

Deer Lake Park is undoubtedly one of Burnaby’s finest gems. This picturesque park boasts a tranquil ambience, perfect for those who value privacy and serenity during their newborn photography session. Its enchanting scenery, including the well-manicured lawns and charming footbridges over the lake, provides an elegant backdrop for poignant, intimate shots. Additionally, the park’s easy accessibility and ample parking space make it a convenient location for families with limited mobility.

2. Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area

For nature-loving parents, Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area offers a breathtaking setting for newborn photography sessions. This park’s lush greenery and panoramic views of the city and mountains provide endless opportunities for stunning and dynamic shots. The Centennial Rose Garden, with its vibrant blooms and intricate landscaping, is a particular favourite spot for photographers. Since extensive walking and hiking trails surround the area, be prepared to bring extra equipment—such as a portable changing pad—to ensure your baby’s comfort throughout the session.

3. Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park

Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park is an idyllic destination for families seeking a blend of natural and urban backdrops. Situated along the banks of the Fraser River, this park offers captivating riverside views, rustic wooden pathways, and lush green spaces, lending an air of enchantment to your newborn photography session. The park is equipped with a playground and picnic shelters, making it a family-friendly destination where older siblings can have fun even while waiting for their turn in front of the camera. Moreover, ample parking and easy accessibility make it an attractive choice for new parents.

4. Confederation Park

Confederation Park is a versatile, family-oriented park that caters to various photographic styles and preferences. Its distinct features include a traditional Japanese-style garden, gently winding pathways, and a quaint wooden bridge crossing a serene waterway. This park’s diverse settings offer endless possibilities for creative outdoor newborn photography sessions. Additionally, the park has ample parking and picnic areas, making it an ideal location for a relaxed and enjoyable family day out.

5. Central Park

For families seeking a bustling, dynamic atmosphere and diverse backgrounds, Central Park is an excellent option. Featuring a mixture of forested areas, grassy fields, and picturesque ponds, this popular park is perfect for those looking for a vivid and colourful backdrop for their newborn photography sessions. Although it may be busier than other parks on our list, it still offers plenty of hidden spots and unique settings for remarkable photographs. And with a variety of recreational facilities, such as a playground, a horseshoe pitch, and a swimming pool, Central Park is an ideal destination for a full day of family fun.

Tips for Preparing for Your Outdoor Newborn Photography Session

While the selection of a visually stunning location is crucial, it’s equally essential to ensure that your baby’s comfort and safety are taken care of during your outdoor photography session. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

1. Dress your baby in comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing, and have extra layers ready, especially if your session takes place in a colder season.

2. Bring baby essentials, such as diapers, wipes, changing pad, blankets, and bottles, to ensure a smooth experience for both parents and baby.

3. Be prepared to take frequent breaks for your newborn to relax and feed if needed. This will help maintain a calm and serene environment for photographs.

4. Ensure that the photographer has experience with newborn photography, as they will understand the unique challenges and needs associated with this style of photography.


Burnaby’s beautiful parks offer a plethora of picturesque locations perfectly suited for outdoor newborn photography sessions. Whether you prefer a serene lake setting, majestic mountain views, or vibrant and dynamic park environments, the top five family-friendly parks mentioned above provide an excellent backdrop for creating lasting memories with your newborn. 

As a premiere newborn, baby, and family photographer in Burnaby, Jafna Jaed Photography is committed to capturing the precious moments in your baby’s life with exceptional skill and artistry. We hope this guide helps you find the perfect location to embark on your newborn photography journey and create cherished keepsakes that will be admired for generations to come.